Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Daily bulletin

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Thursday, October 8, 2015
Character Education Month
[Description: Description: C:\Users\120432\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\61BZ9BQX\vector-yellow-schoolbus-04-by-dragonart1[1].jpg]Filipino American History Month
School Bus Safety Month

Today's Events:
-TeamASB Canned Food Drives continues to benefit the San Diego Food Bank
-8:00-1:00 Mr. Thomason off campus
-8:50 Playwrites 7th Grade Assembly in the PAC
-9:00-10:00 Ms. Miller Student Support Meeting in the MOCR
-11:30-12:30 Ms. Miller Student Support Meeting in the MOCR
-1:00-2:30 Mr. Lemmon off campus
-1:30 504 Meeting in the Counseling Center
-2:30-3:30 Ms. Miller Student Support Meeting in the MOCR
-2:30 Ms. Kincaid's Parent Meeting in Room 107
-5:00 SSC Meeting in the Library

Upcoming Events:
-10/15 Great America Shake Out
-10/29 Night of Stars

Club Events:
Tuesday, during lunch

Circle of Friends, Room 209


Federal Survey Cards:
Please return your cards as soon as possible. This document is very important and helps to provide funding for our school.

Dress Code Policy:
Students are doing a great job following the Dress Code Policy. However, just a reminder about the process if you wear something that is not appropriate:
*The student will be sent to the office for a loaner to wear for the day and home.
*The student will receive the Dress Code Policy to take home for their parent's signature.
*The student will return the cleaned loaner and provide the signed form.
*The student will get their personal item back only with the returned signed form.
Suggestion to avoid getting sent to the office:
Review the planner on Page 5 on what to wear or not to wear.

From Food Services and Cafeteria Staff:

The prior-year free/reduced status is effective until October 16th or a meal application is received (whichever comes first). On October 16th, those students that have Prior-Year Free/Reduced Status' and have not submitted a new meal application will go to paid status and will need to begin paying for breakfast and lunch on Monday, October 19th. If you need a lunch application please come to the main office.

Marlene Nolan
School General Secretary II
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CPMA Middle School
5050 Conrad Avenue
San Diego, Ca. 92117
Visit our website:<>

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